Simple Scrummy Ice Cream Recipe

I am really chuffed to share this simple recipe with you.  They look and taste delicious and are super easy to make!

Thank you to Steve at The Handmade Icecream Company, who is forever creating delicious new ice creams and sorbets from locally sourced, fresh ingredients.  After our last shoot, Steve very kindly left me with a generous stash of vegan ice cream to tuck in to.

I am saving some for the festive period but I think it would be rude not to indulge at least a bit 😊


This is an elegant dessert which originates from Italy.  A simple blend of rich vanilla ice cream and espresso coffee.

I took inspiration from the Affogato on the pub menu at The Duke of Cumberland in Castle Carrock.  Their version, not surprisingly, snook in an element of booze too…

Ingredients (serves 4)


Take your ice cream out of the freezer 5-10 mins before serving, to soften slightly.

Pop a scoop into each serving dish.

Serve alongside a shot of espresso, and a measure of liqueur.

It’s fun for everyone to tuck in at the same time, by pouring over the hot espresso and liqueur and diving in immediately.

Presentation tips

For a special occasion serve the ice cream in crystal dessert glasses and top with a sprinkle of coffee beans