Location Photography at Pioneer Foodstore Carlisle

Pioneer Freshly Baked Bread
Pioneer Bakery
Pioneer Foodstore
Pioneer Coffee Lounge
Pioneer Coffee
Pioneer Foodstore Coffee Lounge
Pioneer Deli Counter
Sausage Curls
Pioneer Butcher

Pioneer open their new Foodstore at Rosehill, Carlisle

Pioneer Foodstore recently opened the doors to their stunning new premises at Rosehill in Carlisle.   Highlights of the new store include an in-store bakery and fresh fish counter, alongside a butchery offering dry aged beef.  This is heaven for a foodie!  Most of the produce has been grown or made locally, which means less food miles, and the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from.  The in-house team are a friendly bunch, and have skills that enable you to make the best of your cookery.  A good example being the butcher’s counter, where cuts of meat are prepared in house.  There are a wide range of cuts available – much more so than you would find in a main-stream supermarket.  If you keep an eye open, you can also see bread and scones being freshly made in the bakery – all in clear view of the counter.

Coffee Lounge & Food to Go

Their Coffee Lounge upstairs offers freshly prepared food using local ingredients all served in a lovely setting.  Downstairs there is the opportunity to pick up freshly prepared sandwiches and hot bakes to go if you want a take away lunch.  There is also a coffee machine, where you can pick up a freshly ground coffee, with beans from local company Bruce & Lukes.  Another highlight has to be the super cool juicing machine, where you can bottle your own freshly squeezed orange juice.

In advance of their official launch, I have been along to Pioneer to photograph their new store.

Fresh local produce and great customer service are both key to Pioneer.  Erin of Pioneer supplied me with a shoot list which ranged from interiors through to product, people & action shots.  You will most likely have realised that from my description of Pioneer above, I am a fan.  So to have the opportunity to capture both the ambience and details of the store was a pleasure 🙂

The photography was planned for bustling Friday mornings, to capture the atmosphere of the store.

It is fantastic to have the opportunity to photograph a brand-new store, particularly one so rich in colour and detail.   A blend of slate/brick and burnished copper colours combined with the Pioneer blue made a great backdrop for photography.

Working on Location Photography

Most of my food photography is studio based, where I work in a very controlled way.  Photography on location, within a working environment with people brings along some challenges – and my approach needed to be a lot more flexible.  Capturing people who work with food is great, as there is the opportunity to photograph the process as well as the finished product, along with the Cumbrian ‘crack’ and banter between colleagues and staff and customers (one of my favourite bits!) I particularly liked behind the scenes in the bakery – I now have the low down on how to make salt and pepper bread, and even better – how to make a hedge-hog loaf!

Already looking forward to me next shoot 😊