A wee, side-ways step from food photography today – jewellery photography.

I can’t resist writing a post on a recent jewellery photography shoot, as I love this jewellery.  These crystals are all hand chosen by Sheila Marr for their special healing properties, then lovingly wrapped in copper to form beautiful amulets.  Due to the nature of crystal, each amulet is unique, and looks different depending on where light hits it.

Capturing the detail within each piece of jewellery

I wanted to capture the detail within each pendant.  To achieve this, I took close-up shots that showed the detail and colours within each gem, as well as the detail within the hand-formed copper work.  In terms of styling, I used an old, weathered slate as the backdrop.  The grey textured tone complimented the jewellery without being overpowering.

In addition to the close-up shots I arranged for a model to wear the pendants.  This helped give an idea of the size of each pendant.

Finally, I included shots of the packaging.  I believe this is an important aspect of selling online, particularly if you are ordering something as a gift to be shipped to direct to the recipient.

Sheila Marr was delighted with the final imagery, as she felt the look and feel of the jewellery photography was just right.

Photography for your online shop

If you have an online shop and have a photography requirement you are most welcome to get in touch. I travel throughout Cumbria and have a small but well equipped studio near Brampton, Cumbria.  My clients often arrange to deliver products direct to my studio to be photographed – so location is not a problem.  Styling and planning can all be worked out in advance of the shoot to ensure you get imagery that is right for you and your brand 😊