Welcome and many thanks for calling by.  I’m Louise Crouch, photographer and business owner of Lou’s Larder, where we specialise in food photography.

We are based at Crofton Hall, near Carlisle, which sits just of the A595 towards Cockermouth.  Our spacious studio has a well equipped kitchen, perfect for prepping and shooting food, along with a great range of kitchen props for styling.  We have set up our studio to be as flexible as possible, so we can adapt to your needs.

Whether you drop off product for us to photograph, or want to be more involved we can help.  We shoot tethered, which means as our client, you are able to see imagery on a large screen as it is being created.  This can be a great help, as you are able to have input while we are shooting.

A Little Background

I’m a Cumbria based photographer and have been shooting professionally for 15 years.

I received my first food photography assignment 6 years ago at Askham Hall.  I photographed a beautifully presented dish prepared by talented chef Richard Swale.  The   resulting imagery was published in a book celebrating food from the North. This was a lightbulb moment for me, as I realised this was an opportunity to bring together my passion for food with my professional career.

I love good food and enjoy experimenting with new recipes. My guilty pleasure is buying far too many cookbooks, and I always look forward to my foodie magazine subscriptions clattering through our letterbox!  I have  a  personal interest in plant based recipes, and try and keep abreast with current trends.

My Clients

Most of my clients are local and quite diverse, ranging from artisan ice-cream and cheese makers, chocolatiers through to specialist smokehouses, and suppliers of specialist meats and game.

I love working with my clients.  I find it very rewarding to plan, execute and deliver beautiful imagery that my clients are delighted and proud of.

My Approach

I am a bit of a foodie (my own taste is simple, good quality food with a good provenance story) and firmly believe food should be a visual feast, as well as one on the taste buds.

Most of the bookings I receive come through recommendation.  I like to get to know my clients, to enable me to have a good understanding of their requirements and ensure the style of photography meets their brand aspirations.

Food Studio

We have a spacious studio, which is equipped specifically for food photography.  This includes an ever-expanding collection of crockery & textiles. The studio has  a large well equipped kitchen, including a fridge and freezer for storage and plenty counter space.  We are conveniently situated just off the A595, and offer plenty of parking, and there’s a cafe on site.

The studio benefits from good natural light, and is equipped with studio lighting, both flash and continuous, so we can flex to meet your needs.

Another huge benefit of studio lighting is that it can be controlled, so perfect if I need to achieve consistently lit shots.  I tend to shoot tethered, so what I am photographing is displayed on a large monitor.  This is great for clients who want to be involved  in the photoshoot on the day, as you can see  exactly what is happening.

Depending on the project I may prepare & style food myself.  For larger projects, I will bring in help.  This is something to be discussed when planning a shoot – there are lots of options to consider.

Working on Location

I really enjoy working on location too:  One day I am photographing food in a busy bistro, another might be photography behind the scenes of a local butcher.  I will even be found in the Galloway hills with my wellies on photographing a farmer.  No two days are ever exactly the same!  I have a client who manufactures food in Carlisle, and for convenience I set up a small studio in the boardroom, which is adjacent to their kitchen.  In this instance I bring along studio lighting.

What imagery is used for

I photograph food for websites, cookbooks and calendars, printed marketing material, food packaging & large format banners for trade stands.  I believe in offering my clients value – when I am booked for a shoot, my client can use the resulting material for all their marketing needs (I don’t limit usage to one purpose only).  I find it very satisfying to see my images well used – on a website, through to promotional leaflets and in-store banners.  Some imagery is even used on food packaging with a wide European market.