The Handmade Ice Cream Company is a family run business, based in Ulverston. They produce a delicious range of ice creams made with cream from their own herd of Jersey cows (Jerseys produce milk with a high fat content, so perfect for high quality ice-cream). The Handmade Ice Cream Company supply shops and wholesale, along with restaurants and cafes.

Chocolate Ice Cream Goodness


To photograph a selection of ice-creams that clearly show both the packaging and the ice-cream.  These were to be included in a promotional advert in a the June leaflet for Pioneer Foodstore.  Steve, of The Handmade Ice Cream Company explained that he didn’t want ‘perfect scoops’ of ice-cream, rather something less formal focusing on its delicious consistency- the lovely ‘bark’ texture through to glistening melty bits and blobs – yum!


I sourced some simple accessories to style the shoot – colourful tea towels and crockery that complimented the product and brand.  We also made some rustic  chopping boards made from reclaimed wood (I love a bit of woodwork, and very much follow the trend for re-purposing and upcycling), to give a hand-crafted, warm homey feel.

In addition, I had pulled together a stash of ingredients to use for styling which helped communicate ice-cream flavours – think fresh raspberries, white chocolate, honeycomb………

Client Feedback

‘Lou, these are amazing.  Can’t thank you enough they really are beautiful’

Steve Darvill, MD, The Handmade Ice Cream Company

Ice Creams with Serving Suggestions

Behind the Scenes

Working with ice cream requires patience and a methodical approach.  To successfully scoop ice cream, it needs to be slightly soft, but still firm enough to maintain its texture.  I had my freezer empty and available, so I was able to dip in and out with different flavours, and create ‘hero’ scoops that could then be popped back in freezer until ready to shoot.

The set-up for each ice cream needed to be planned and ready, so that at the last moment I could swiftly drop the ice-cream in place before photographing.  At this point I was able to take a range of shots, allowing the ice cream to melt just a little to capture those luscious drips and drops!

Once the priority shots were captured, we could afford to be a little more experimental – plating up several helpings and playing with the layout.   The pressure is off at this point!  Click here is you would like to see finished advert in Pioneer’s June leaflet

Delicious Cumbrian Ice Cream