Rhubarb & Strawberry Galette

This is a truly delicious recipe.  If you are looking for a quick and easy vegan recipe that everyone will love, this is a winner!

Vegan Friendly Rhubarb & Strawberry Galette
A tasty pie!


Pack of ready-made short crust pastry (approx. 400g) – lots of supermarkets sell short crust pastry in the chiller section that is dairy free

450g fresh rhubarb, sliced into 2cm pieces

200g fresh strawberries, sliced

4 tablespoons golden granulated sugar (vanilla infused is lovely)

Soya milk


Line a baking tin with grease proof paper

On a floured surface, roll out pastry and cut into a 14 inch circle (use a plate as a guide)

Lay the pasty onto the baking tray, then top with the rhubarb and strawberries, leaving a rim of 2 inches all the way round.  Scatter the sugar over the fruit, then fold in the pastry edges to form a knobbly, open topped pie (see image).  Brush with soya milk, then finish off with a generous sprinkle of sugar.

Bake in the oven at 180 fan for approximately 30 minutes.

Serving your Galette

Serve hot or warm (I would definitely dish up at the table, as it looks so pretty whole) with vegan soya cream

TIP: To maximise on the presentation, save a few slivers of strawberry, and scatter on the galette just before serving, along with fresh thyme. This looks pretty, and the flavours work together really well