Kilnford Farm Shop

So much of the meat and produce we buy comes from the supermarket, where we are often unclear on the origins of the produce.  For me this is definitely a matter of convenience, and to be honest, I don’t feel terribly excited by my purchases.

A much more appealing prospect is to buy food straight from the source – and Kilnford Farm in Dumfries is a great example – where the family have been farming their Galloway cows & Blackface lambs on the local high lands for hundreds of years.  Their succulent meat is available to buy through their farm shop, where their meats display a lovely deep richness in their colour.

I am very attached to Dumfriesshire –  the landscape, the colours & light.  When I think of animals grazing on the local hills, I feel much more comfortable about the meat on my plate; indeed it is a real treat.

I’ve just completed a series of shoots for Kilnford – photographing all the meat and produce to be included on their website.  This has involved lots of planning, shopping, cooking, styling & photography, each session ending with a well earned glass of wine!

Big thanks to Linda (my partner in crime/food stylist & home economist), Creatomatic design agency & Kilnford Farm J