Food photography on location is great when the environment is a contributing factor to the imagery. Think of a lovely summery picnic in the countryside, next to an old wooden style, surrounded by buttercups.  However, sometimes the location is chosen purely for practicality, not aesthetics.  This may be a spare office at the HQ of a business, or a very busy kitchen of a café, where space is an absolute premium. This can be a challenge – and sometimes it is easier to find an alternative location.  A spot away from the immediate pressures of work, in a space created specifically for capturing beautiful imagery.  It is for this reason we have created a food photography studio close to Carlisle.

Food Photography Studio with Kitchen and accessories

With this in mind, I have set about creating a food photography studio with a dedicated kitchen.  The studio is equipped with utensils, along with linens, worksurfaces and crockery. The collection of accessories is always growing, as I am constantly on the lookout for my next buy!.  Natural light floods in to the studio, which is ideal for food photography.  We have parking available adjacent to the studio, so if you arrive with a car full of produce this is not a problem!

I work with a range of businesses – from independent cake makers, through to farmers and producers of artisan produce.  Sometimes clients will have a clear brief on the imagery they need, which is helpful.  However, most of my clients need a little help – which is also fine!

Pick & Mix Photography: on location and in studio setting

It’s often tricky to put your requirements into a neat little box.  It may be that you could benefit from location photography as well as studio photography.  Often combining the two can help to ‘tell a story’.

If you need some great imagery of your food I would love to hear from you.  You would be most welcome to pop in for a coffee, where we can have a chat about your requirements.  The kettle is always on 😊

Lou's Larder Photography Studio with Kitchen
Lou's Larder Food Photography Studio
Kitchen Studio with our own eggs!