I love photographing artisan food produce.  Since the launch of Cows & Co a couple of years ago, I have been regularly photographing their handmade cheeses. With food photography, usually there is a specific requirement for each shoot.  In this instance, an image requirement for a promotion of a specific range of cheeses within a local publication.

I have been pondering over ‘what makes a good cheeseboard’.  There are lots of stunning examples of cheeseboards that include an abundance of cheeses, fruits, nuts and pickles.  I wanted to pare this down.  Keep it nice & simple, and focus on the ‘hero’ ingredients – after all, it is the cheese that the advert is looking to promote!

To compliment the artisan nature of these yummy cheeses, there is a lovely rustic loaf of sourdough bread, olives, a sprinkling of walnuts and a couple of figs.  All the colours work in harmony, and the sheen on the olives & texture of the walnut add a bit of interest.

Food Photography – Behind the Scenes

The weather was great on Monday.  I pulled together some goodies for the shoot, and then headed off to my studio at home to photograph the cheese.  In the summer I throw the doors open into the garden, so it’s a lovely space to work in.  There are a range of worktops and accessories to hand, and these will usually be incorporated into the shoot.  I also have a good selection of herbs growing in the garden, which can come in very handy too!

As the doors were open, the waft of cheese must have carried through into the house.  Next thing, our old ginger tom cat (Sid) appeared and tried to lay claim to the brie!  His persistence finally paid off, and I treated him to a little off-cut then shut the door firmly.

Photography session complete, I then edit the pics before sharing with our graphic designer.  I always try and include a variety of images, including different crops.  I usually get a groan of ‘too much choice’, but ultimately these images will get well used for different purposes 🙂