My colleague Becca has been working on designing food packaging for a new eastern range, which is a range of frozen, oven ready shrimp products.  I’ve enjoyed seeing this progress.  Now the style has been largely agreed, I have been booked to photograph the product.

A couple of weeks ago I received delivery of the produce – in a chiller box shipped from China!

Planning Session

Prior to the shoot, I had a good chat with both our client and graphic designer, to create a brief for the shoot.  The aim of the shoot was to capture simple, striking imagery.  Plenty ‘empty’ space to allow for the overlay of the graphics.

I had the freedom to plan styling and serving suggestions for the range.  Great!  I opted for layers of textured greys/black which complimented the ‘hero’ food (shrimp).

As the products all looked a little similar, I used a variety of serving suggestions and garnishes to help distinguish between each dish and incorporated and also used this as an opportunity to add an extra punch of colour and texture.

On this particular occasion I cooked and styled the produce myself – all was going smoothly until my cooker decided to stop working J half way through the afternoon!  Thankfully I managed to borrow a portable convection oven, which was just the job.  Thanks to Cows & Co for loan of equipment!

Here are a few favourite images from the shoot – I’ll follow on with some more once the packaging is finalised.

If you have a requirement for photography, feel free to get in touch for a chat!

Butterflied prawns with lemon garlic and herbs
Torpedo shrimp with lemon and sesame
Delicious butterflied prawns with lemon parsley and garlic
Delicious butterfly prawns with garlic and herbs
Torpedo shrimp with lemon garnish