I must admit to being a pudding fan and love food photography.  It’s great to have an excuse to indulge!  Last week I had the perfect reason – the lovely Judy (our book keeper) had a big birthday, so I was able to put on my pinnie and get stuck in.

My mission was to make a bit of a show stopper that both looked and tasted delicious. I always aim to use seasonal ingredients, and on this occasion used lovely fresh apricots for an apricot frangipane tart.  I think some of the pleasure in food is in the anticipation, so preparing something that looks really tempting is key.  Using fresh fruit is a winner for presentation, as it injects a boost of colour, and texture.

Food Photography presentation

This pud didn’t need a great deal of styling, as there was plenty detail within the tart itself.  Crumbly pastry, a dense filling along with the glazed apricots was a winning combination.  I opted just to include a couple of side plates and a napkin.  I’m always mindful of the colours I choose to accessorise a dish.  In this case I went for blue, as this is complimentary to the yellowy/orange colour of the apricots.

Personally I like food to be presented informally.  When cutting into food I love the detail of the crumbs, the little spills and drips of sauce.  These are the details that make it irresistible!

Needless to say, the tart went down very well on Judy’s birthday.  All washed down with a glass of pink fizz!

As there are so many fruits and veggies in season just at the moment, I will be looking for my next excuse to indulge.  If you have any fabulous ideas for seasonal, or even better, local and seasonal recipes let me know and I will see what I can do 🙂