I love any chance to don my wellies!  So when I received a business portrait photography booking for Crofthead Farm in Dumfriesshire, I happily packed them in my car before heading off.

The weather forecast for the day was great, and the drive out towards Kirkudbright was a real treat.

Ann (farmer Mark’s wife) greeted us at the gate, and beckoned us to meet a new member of the family – another ‘Louise’ – a beautiful Jersey calf!

The aim of the session was to photograph the group of directors for a feature due to run in Cumbria Life magazine.  The fields around Crofthead are so pretty, with a bumpy landscape and rocky outcrops, typical of the Dumfriesshire landscape.  With this in mind, we chose a location amidst the cows, out grazing in the fields.

My approach to business portraits

When it comes to business portraits, I’m a fan of finding something for my subjects to lean on (somehow it always helps to put people at ease).  However, on this occasion the landscape and bright sunshine made this a little tricky, so we had to go for free standing in the field.   I had a bit of fun arranging the directors, as their height varied so much!  Mark the farmer is particularly tall, so he ended up standing a little downhill from the others (not that you could tell this from the shot).

For business portraits, I am always conscious of time, so it is important to work in an efficient manner.  At the same time I try my best to put people at ease, as most people start off feeling self-conscious about having their photo taken. On this occasion a bit of banter helped, along with an inquiring cow, who kept trying to get in on the shot!

Now although I am a bit of a country girl, I do have a healthy respect for cows (I usually like to be on the other side of the fence!).  No hiding this time – I had cows nosing in my camera bag and literally at my shoulder!

With the essential shots in the bag, Mark kindly showed me a little more of the farm, including the nursery barn and we finished off with a few relaxed shots including Neil, the farm manager along with Pete (one of the directors) having a chance to admire the new ‘forager’.

Thanks to Cows & Co for a lovely morning 🙂