Calder Foods are part of Creative Foods Europe, manufacturers of sandwich fillings, marinated and cooked meats, salads and sauces.

Selection of images taken for Calder Foods


Photograph a range of meal solutions that demonstrate how easy it is to create a delicious take-away meal with Calder Foods ‘love food’ range.

The primary purpose of this shoot was to create a range of images to be used in a distributor’s catalogue – so it was essential that the images were taken in a consistent way.  Once these ‘safety’ shots were in the bag, we were able to take each dish a little further – using garnishes, serving suggestions and accessories to compliment the food.

At the start of the shoot we devised a plan, that took each dish through a variety of steps:

Plated very simply and accurately to demonstrate the portion size, the quality of the ingredients and convey a message of ‘how easy it is to put together a take-away meal at the shop counter’.

Presented in take-away carton.

Plated simply, then garnished and accessorised to look really appealing – although these shots weren’t essential, these were the icing on the cake! A bit looser, creative and colourful – and a nice little arsenal of shots my client could use in presentations/ advertising where there’s the opportunity to display product in more life-style way.


A range of imagery that fulfilled the brief, then additional images of a more creative, life-style feel.

Client Feedback

‘Hi Louise, hey they look fantastic!! 🙂 Many thanks for all your hard work, it is much appreciated’

Mark Harrison

Delicious Salads & Mayonnaise
Spicy Meatballs with Orzo

Behind the Scenes


Shooting in a very consistent format – this takes planning and perhaps additional equipment to what you might usually choose, if you’re usually a natural light fan!!

On this occasion I brought along studio lighting to the shoot, so I was able to control how I lit the shots.  In addition, I used a tripod so that all the resulting imagery was consistent in its composition, and angle at which it was shot.  It’s a bit slower, when you’re used to shooting hand-held, but there’s major benefits. (I think this might warrant a blog post 🙂 )

Making pre-prepared food look at it’s best

Calder produce some fantastic pre-prepared salads, that need very little help – their pomegranate studded mixed grain salad is a visual treat – the colours sing!

However, working with sandwich fillings can be a bit of a challenge! Calder produce sandwich fillings that smell and taste divine – blends of herbs and spices bound together with chicken and mayo. Visually, though, the texture of the chicken can be hidden behind the dressing, and those wonderful spices can just about disappear.

To do this food justice, I will move a little dressing here and there, so the textures come though. If appropriate, I will communicate the other flavours by pulling through in a garnish, or including ingredients in the background (for example, chilli & garlic).

Highlight of the Day

Jackfruit! this was a new one to me.  Worth a bit of investigation, particularly if you are vegetarian or flexitarian! Jackfruit is a large fruit that grows in India, and has been largely overlooked as a food source until fairly recently. When harvested at the right time, the texture of the fruit shreds. This makes for a great meat alternative, as the result is a little similar in texture and appearance to pulled pork.

We had Jackfruit Bulgogi on our shoot list, so I could experience it first hand.  Delicious!