I’ve been a Mary Berry fan ever since we had our Aga range cooker fitted.  As a thank you from Aga, we received Mary Berry’s Aga cookbook, which I still refer to today.

I really like Mary’s no-nonsense approach and enjoy her style of presenting which is straightforward but kind.  So, when the new BBC production ‘Britain’s Best Home Cook’ was announced, I was firmly planted on the sofa in readiness for her latest pearls of wisdom!

What particularly strikes me about passionate home cooks is the universal desire to nurture, and seemingly ‘cook from the heart’-preparing well-loved family favourites, that I’m pretty sure do not need a cookery book!

(My own Mum was a good cook but didn’t get a right lot of pleasure from cooking – I can still remember the way she used to unceremoniously bang a spoon of mash onto our plates! 🙂 )

Using Britain’s Best Home Cook as inspiration, I thought I too would follow along.  In this post I have created my own ultimate burger.  I was keen to create something that looks good as well as taste great – so I have built in layers of flavour and texture to give my burger that extra height.  My daughter has a particular fondness for chilli flakes, so I have added some into the burger mix.

Burger with Onion Rings & Fries


Put 400g of minced beef in a bowl, add 1 finely chopped onion, seasoning and half tsp chilli flakes.  Squish mixture with your hands until we’ll mixed, and meat comes together into one ball.

Turn out onto chopping board, using hands form into rough sausage shape, then cut into 4 even portions.

Roll each portion into a ball, then using the palm of your hand flatten into a burger shape.

Sit burgers onto cling film until ready to cook. Either grill or pop on BBQ til cooked through and burgers have nice caramelised bits round the edges.


  • Scotch morning roll – lightly toasted
  • Dollop of tangy potato salad
  • Frisée salad leaves
  • Burger made from 100% beef, onion and chilli flakes Jalapenos Onion rings Sweet chilli sauce


  • Split morning roll, and lightly toast or griddle on the inside
  • Layer up ingredients starting with potato salad on the bottom, stacking in order as above
  • Serve with skinny fries and corn on the cob – yum!